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The Story of St. Dymphna -
Patron Saint of mental illness. Her legacy launched a community of unprecedented and unrivaled compassion for those suffering with mental and neurological challenges.

In the mid-14th century, in Geel Belgium, they erected a church in St. Dymphna's honor; it was built on the spot where she was buried. Around this time, rumors spread about mentally ill individuals who were cured upon visiting Geel. As these accounts circulated, people began bringing their mentally ill family members, hoping for their own miracle. And many embattled souls made it to Geel on their own.

Now, for over 700 years, residents of Geel have been accepting people with mental health and cognitive disorders, often very severe, into their homes and caring for them. It isn't meant to be a treatment or therapy. The people are not called patients, but rather family members, guests or boarders. They go to Geel and join households to share a life with people who can love and watch over them.

It is in the spirit of Geel, that we chose The Dymphna Project as the name for our foundation. It is our mission to create a community where individuals with neurodivergent, and or mental health diagnoses are an integral part of the Dymphna family, living a life of purpose, and regardless of their ability to pay.
Dymphna was born in the seventh century, and hailed from an ancient kingdom in the
northeastern part of Ireland. Under tragic circumstances, her father King Damon, severed his child’s head. She was only 15 years old.

Why Dymphna

Together, we will turn this vision into a beautiful reality.

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